Half Empty, Since 1998

A round-table discussion with PMH, Craig Metzger, Patrick McNeal, Michael DeFeo, Garrett Chow, ESM Artificial, and Andy Howell; moderated by the Wooster Collective.

Commissioning Street Art

Wooster Collective. April 4th, 2004

Art by Andy Howell

Fafi, Tilt, Andy Howell & Persue in San Diego (”Canvas Mural muggin’ in my alley…”)

Oh, that ever elusive bleeding edge! A moment ago it was a thing called Street Art. Unbridled creativity, a strong sense of community, an element of vandalism and a spotty layer of grime: Everything you need for a genuine, punk-rock cultural movement or a halfway hip marketing campaign.

We asked seven artists to describe their brushes with The Man and discovered that while they’re not necessarily hostile to the idea, they’re not naive either. The art lies in making sure both sides get what they bargained for.

(Included in Half Empty #2)