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Half Empty #1

Published in 2003, Half Empty #1 is forty-four pages of greasy newsprint and ink that comes off on your hands, bagged with assorted stickers and other goodies. All material from this issue is available online.

Featuring a roundtable discussion on Art In Retail with views from Jeremy Bailey and Sebastien Agneessens; a fashion story illustrated by Jon Burgerman; interviews with television producer Jen Podemski, typographer Pablo Medina and artists Kinya Hanada and Ilan Katin; and artwork contributions by James Paterson, Matt Holister, Karen Ingram and Sarah Ancalmo, Gakohsohshi Kodomo, Geoff Lillemon, Marty Spellerberg, Neasden Control Centre and Kate O’Connor.

Download the entire issue as PDF: Section A (26.4 MB) | Section B (18.6 MB)

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