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Half Empty #2

Published in 2004, Half Empty #2 is fourty-four pages of greasy newsprint and ink that comes off on your hands, bagged with assorted stickers and other goodies. All material from this issue is available online.

Featuring a roundtable discussion on Commissioning Street Art moderated by the Wooster Collective and views from PMH, Craig Metzger, Faile, ESM Artificial, Michael DeFeo, The London Police and Andy Howell; an interview with Karl Ackerman; a look at First Fridays in Phoenix, AZ; artist statements by Inksurge and Jaime Leblanc; reviews of books Type & Typeography and Charles Wilkin’s Index-A; and artwork contributions from James Paterson, Yuko Shimizu, Kaiko, Gakohsohshi Kodomo, Marco Cibola, Marty Spellerberg, Neasden Control Centre , Steve Faustina, Jean Chin, Evil Design, Geoff Lillemon, Anna Quaglia, Honest and Angel Souto.

Download the entire issue as PDF: Section A (40.7 MB) | Section B (28.2 MB)

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Half Empty #2 (2)

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