Half Empty, Since 1998

How to Make Sugar Sweet

Sarah Kilpack. August 1st, 1998

Oh , lets go

Are you okay ? Me ? Oh , I’ll be fine. Actually I was more concerned about you.
It would be best if you stayed off the streets for a few months.
It’s a little late for that, angel, it’s still warm. Here. Gone.
You have to admit it’s so much easier.
I’m still trying to think of the best way to send my regards.
That is poetry. An angel. Oh, hey! Let’s get out of here.

Here. Somebody left this for you

No, let me try again. I am not a man.

Mystery thrillers, especially when they have been divested of any semblance of character development are rather like:

An alcoholic farmer appears, as things in the farmhouse start to go bump in the night, but things, of course, whether they go bump or not, are not as simple as they appear. Every actor must realize that for an artist there can be no question of sacrificing everything, for all work is a series of life affirming situations. The moment that an element of negation or dictation enters a work, it results in an immediate suspension from creative life. It is impossible to reach the peaks of creative genius by saying, I renounce life, I give up on beauty, its joy and pleasures, this act of mine is the sacrifice I make for all mankind.

Everyone talks at once, amaretto, vanilla, Irish creme, hazelnut, caramel, B52, peach, blueberry, mandarin orange, lime, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, all at once. Here’s what we’ve come up with. Thirteen people in one room. Another girl comes in. We’ll need more syrup. Honey comes from sugar. No sugar comes from honey, sugar is sweeter.

Sugar comes from sugar canes
grown in tropical regions
Comparatively recently

the sugar beet plant was discovered
as a weed

It was found on the shore of the Meditterrean

Beta maritima
It grows in temperate zones
and accounts for around
forty per cent of world sugar production

The rest is obtained
from sugar canes
grown in tropical regions

Granulated sugar is over ninety nine per cent
pure sucrose

It can be transformed
to two other sugars
by the addition of one molecule of water

This process of hydrolysis is called inversion

the sugar beet at maturity contains virtually only sucrose

but the sugar cane
may contain
appreciable quantities of invert sugars which fortunately

are at a minimum at maturity

sugar beet processing is a relatively simple process
the beets are washed and sliced up
sucrose is extracted
from the slice with hot water

the solution obtained is purified
by precipitating calcium carbonate

impurities are trapped in the precipitate
and filtered out

vaccuum evaporation is used to concentrate
the solution which is seeded and cooled
so the sugar crytalizes

The world’s sugar canes are harvested by handcutting
after burning the crop
to remove the leaves

mechanical systems
such as pushrake cutting and grab harvesting
have come into use

the first stage of raw sugar refining
is called affinity

affinity, the force exerted in different degrees between subtances or particles that cause them to
enter into and remain in chemical combination

in mutual attraction
either of the individuals
as there is an affinity between us

she is my affinity
the relation contracted by marriage
a condition of close relationships
conformity, resemblance, connection
of sound, of colour, of language
a vessal

no, I do not want to be a woman

let me try again there is nothing inside my body
on the outside
I see I am
asleep and alive