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Fashion Drawings by Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman. June 15th, 2002

Fashion Drawings by Jon Burgerman

"Devil Pet" t-shirt JON BURGERMAN.

one of a series of tees I had made and sold in the UK. the red doesn’t really bleed out over the edge of the shirt – it’s just that I’m not very good at colouring within the lines.


part of my P.E. kit from when I was 13, it still has my name tag sown in and performance enhancing drugs in the pockets.

hooded jacket [orange on the inside] H+M

a summer jacket which is a bit useless in the UK as it isn’t waterproof.

vintage cardigan EIFFELTOWER [made in England]

bought from a charity shop when it was in slightly better condition than it is today. Has almost paid for itself through pity money being thrown at me in the streets from well dressed homeless people.