Half Empty, Since 1998

Fashion Drawings by Matt Dicke

Matt Dicke. January 31st, 2003

Drawings on location in Chinatown, NYC; May 2002

“In this era of concern for civility, decency, and family values, sweatshops are repugnant to our moral core. It is wrong to value fashion when we do not value the people who make fashion real … Sweatshops reflect too vividly how we as a nation feel about the weakest among us. And it is such an ‘underground’ problem that there is no definitive source on how many sweatshops operate in this country. But we know this: One is one too many.”

– Alexis M. Herman, U.S. Secretary of Labor, 1997

The bulk of garments made in New York sweatshops are clothes for working women, large sizes for women and garments for teenage girls. School uniforms and even Army uniforms also turned up among the worst labor violators, according to state records.