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Notes on Kritik an Reiner’s Vernunft

Keith Sanborn, Marty Spellerberg. September 3rd, 2005

The image of a boy in folk costume pauses. An abrupt fade to silence following the emcee’s introduction of the assistant state deputy confirms the video’s climax. The other judges are introduced as captains of industry, society’s apparatus of power.

“Things are running nicely,” prattles the emcee, “I’m very pleased with how things are going.”

Subtitles indicate that folk musician extraordinaire Reiner Zwanzleitner finds the boy’s accentuation and rhythm overdone. Video observes this, which is also role-play.

Keith Sanborn's Kritik an Reiner's Vernunft

Text: Marty Spellerberg. Image: Keith Sanborn, Kritik an Reiner’s Vernunft (USA 2002, 08:00), courtesy of V tape.

Notes on V tape’s Curatorial Incubator, Round 2

(Included in Half Empty #3.)