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Notes on Allo Performance!

Marty Spellerberg, Mirha-Soleil Ross. September 3rd, 2005

Lulling waters of the sea create family memories, reflecting cycles of the moon, tides and menstruation. Home emerges as a reference point to describe understandings of origin. Personal memories of performed motherhood are reassembled as a public performance.

A transsexual woman, unable to bear children, uses her mother’s voice to speak warmly about her male partner. Mother remembers her child’s life and identity, re-making the woman on the screen as the boy who was.

“I tried all kinds of clothes on your back but you always looked like a girl. People would ask: Are you a little boy or a little girl?”

Mirha-Soleil Ross' Allo Performance!

Mirha-Soleil Ross' Allo Performance!

Mirha-Soleil Ross' Allo Performance!

Text: Marty Spellerberg. Images: Mirha-Soleil Ross, Allo Performance! (Canada 2002, 13:00), courtesy of V tape.

Notes on V tape’s Curatorial Incubator, Round 2

(Included in Half Empty #3.)