Half Empty, Since 1998

Showing Above To The Detroit Border Guard

Above, Marty Spellerberg. September 9th, 2005

Image by Above

As I was crossing into Detroit by bus, the guard searched my bags. Pointing at my computer he said “What do you have in there?” and “Any pornography? Any child pornography?”

I’m stunned by the accusation. He told me to boot my machine, which took a few minutes.

He said, “Where do you keep your pictures?” I click on the Finder and at the top is Above. I passed him the computer.

One file is called “beef-lips.” He opened it and was dumbfounded!

It’s a sign that says Beef hanging over an American factory. Above’s street activism was not at all what he was expecting to see, not at all like anything he’d ever ancountered before. Landscape with an art intervention is beautiful, not a problem.

He has a moment with the piece before telling me to get the hell out of there.

A true inspiration, Above continues his work in Europe, this image is from Berlin.

(This piece included in Half Empty #3.)