Half Empty, Since 1998

This young program searches for gender and identity, paying special attention to the desires of women. Images from Hollywood, foreign television and the Canadian imagination are treated as source material for an advanced form of cinema known as Video Art.

Notes on V tape's Curatorial Incubator, Round 2

Marty Spellerberg. September 3rd, 2005

For the past several years, V tape has offered young curators and artists a chance to hone their skills through participation in the Curatorial Incubator. Featuring workshops with professional curators, the program culminates in public screenings and a catalogue.

Video documentation records bodily incursions into public space, technological space and intimate space. It begins with hysteria and repetition, leading to shared identities and video reproduction. Video technology becomes understood as an electronic placeholder for psychic experience, or memory space.

The Curatorial Incubator, Round 2 was on view at the V tape Video Salon, Toronto, between January 18th and March 25th, 2005. Thanks to the curators Meredith Dault, Jennifer Matotek, Claire Eckert and Aubrey Reeves. Thanks also to Gareth Long and Lisa Steele.

(Included in Half Empty #3.)